We know your
new Finance Expert.


We specialize in finance. Especially companies looking to create long-term staffing solutions by filling permanent positions in finance. This strong focus and our years of expertise help us provide you with a new financial expert in a safe and timely manner. We select your company’s finance talent in professional interviews utilizing strict criteria. Few but fitting candidates who consider a permanent position at your company part of a professional long-term commitment that aligns with their personal life planning.


HR-Consultants brings profound knowledge and a wealth of experience in finance-related matters to the table. We understand the challenges entrepreneurs face in an environment marked by change. Backed by our expertise, we identify HR managers whose smart strategy and individual network benefits your company by strengthening it for the long term, readying it for the future.


HR-Consultants places great importance on carefully analyzing each available position we are entrusted to fill – in terms professional expertise as well as personal suitability. We examine carefully whether the parameters of the available financial expert position and our candidate’s profile are an optimal match, saving you lots of time.


HR-Consultants provide you with all of the applicant’s relevant data in advance: desired salary, availability, reason for wanting to change employers. Efficiency and transparency are the foundation of each step in the process. We check in with you continually and take any requests for change and adjustments into consideration.

“Since 1998, we have been bringing our knowledge of the market and customer-mindedness together with the professional experience of our HRC staffing consultants who themselves have held executive HR and Finance positions – this makes us exceptional recruiters.”

Ulrich Naumann
CEO and managing director of HR Consultants GmbH


HR-Consultants stands for comprehensive staffing consulting in finance. We make optimal decisions for your company to ensure long-term employee retension.


HR-Consultants stands for individualized search and recruiting strategies in finance. We provide qualified candidates for your available positions – in a timely, safe, and sustainable manner.


HR-Consultants stands for targeted recruiting of candidates for a wide range of positions. We understand company structures – from our own professional experience in up to and including C-level-management.

We engage in a transparent recruiting process that ensures efficient hiring. On average, the recruiting process takes two to three months and ends only once the position has been succesfully filled. The HR-Consultants recruiting process consists of:

Personal Meeting

In order to ensure that the candidate is ideally suited for you in terms of expertise and company culture, we offer a personal meeting on your company’s premises so we can get to know one antoher and discuss your challenges.

Candidate Selection

Based on our experience and expertise in HR, we provide you with profiles that we deem excellent matches and subsequently evaluate their suitable together.

Structured Interviews

We evaluate potential candidates during personal meetings, telephone meetings or via video call.

Timely Communication

We introduce you to suitable candidates in a timely manner and regluarly provide  status updates.

Relevant information about candidates

Desired salary, availability, reason for wanting to change employers, concrete suitability for the position, motivation and possible potential for development to support a quick evaluation

Continuous Flexibility

Individual adjustments and continous coordination with you during the entire process.

It’s in our DNA: HR-Consultants’ individual staffing consulting is based on care, competence, and trust. In close consulation with you, we develop a strategy for filling your company’s available finance positions tailored to your individual needs. Quality, experience and partnership are the key factors which enable us to help you fill your company’s key positions successfully and sustainably. Take us at our word.

We both know: Key positions in financial management are essential pillars of your company. Put your trust in us. We think like you do. We come from the same industry. HR-Consultants is an experienced and successful partner for companies. HR is in our DNA.

 Let’s discuss your entepreneurial challenges. We are prepared.