Human Resources.
We know your
new HR position.


Are you an HR manager interested in making a professional change and looking for a secure permant position? We specialize in human resources. Especially in candidates looking to make a professional long-term commitment.

 We offer you exciting HR manager assignments along with other attractive HR positions. We exclusively match you with job profiles for which your qualifications and current situation are a great match. Become part of our renowned network and tap into the benefits of using HR-Consultants as your premium calling card.


HR-Consultants brings profound knowledge and a wealth of experience in HR-related matters to the table. Because we come from the same industry, we have a detailed understanding of its structures, allowing us to provide you with an HR position that is a perfect fit.


You can rely on us to offer you positions that are ideally suited for you. We conduct careful analyses and carefully examine whether the demands and conditions of the HR position in question align with your skills and meet your requirements.


HR-Consultants is your supportive partner during the entire application process. We meet you at eye-level and cultivate a trusting relationship. Rely on our expertise – we are your personal career support.

“Since 1998, we have been bringing our knowledge of the market and customer-mindedness together with the professional experience of our HRC staffing consultants who themselves have held executive HR and Finance positions – this makes us exceptional recruiters.”

Ulrich Naumann
CEO and managing director of HR Consultants GmbH

We take the time to get to know your professional goals in detail, entering into an intensive personal exchange. HR-Consultants come from the same industry and communicate at eye-level, thanks to, among other things, our own experience of holding executive HR positions.

 You’re in good hands with us! During the application process and beyond. If you wish, we’ll support you on your entire career path, building a relationship on deep trust and true understanding of your future professional engagement.

Honest dialogue is very important to us. This is why we have established basic principles that are necessary for our joint success and guide our actions.


We place great importance on reliability, loyalty, and trust. This triad serves as the guildine for our daily actions.


We believe that timely communication is of the essence – for you and us. We keep you informed of relevant developments at all times.


We speak honestly with one another and utilize constructive feedback to maximize the chances for a successful application.


We keep our word and honor our agreements  – expecting the same from our partners.


We inform you early on about any companies we consider potential matches so you can develop an informed opinion about the position and requirements in question.


We are your partner during the entire application process and support you even, and especially, in case sensitive issues should arise.


We remain interested in your professional success once you have entered into a contract and begun your employment and happily continue to guide you on your career path.  

HR-Consultants differs from its competitors. Our human resources management is the result of our own vast experience of holding executive HR positions. We understand what really counts – especially candidates looking for a professional long-term commitment in the form of a permanent position.

Put your trust in us. The start of your new career is in the best hands. We know what applicants companies are looking for. HR is in our DNA.